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Jim has been a teacher, comedian, pest control administrative assistant, seasonal elf, and census collector. He prefers reading books, writing books, borrowing books from the library, taking books to the pub, and looking at books on shelves.


Here are some links to occasions when Jim may or may not have revealed more about his thoughts, feelings, tastes, opinions and backstory.

Listen to Jim at Fun Kids Book Worms Live (interview begins at 13:07)

Q&A with the Federation of Children's Book Groups

Blog post about the inspiration for The Caravan at the Edge of Doom

Blog post about why funny children's books matter

Blog post about how teaching influenced my writing

Interview with Buzz Magazine

Listen again to Jim on the After School Book Club at Learn Radio

Listen to Jim's interview on the Big Kids Book Club podcast

Q&A with Library Girl and Book Boy

Jim's agent is Hannah Sheppard at DHH Literary Agency

The Caravan at the Edge of Doom was a Love Reading 4 Kids Debut of the Month and a QBD Children's Book of the Month

If you're doing a special project on Jim Beckett, you can find further hints and  clues about him on the INTERNET. Alternatively, you could contact him on social media or shout questions through his letterbox.